IoT has always been a very interesting subject to me as I’d love to work on a project on this thematic but most of the time I’m really not convinced by the connected devices I see out there. I’m a strong advocate of offline first when it comes to those appliances; In my opinion Internet or not, you should be able to use it as if it was the basic object, it should never fail you just because there is a bug in the software or your Internet has broken down. Most of the time the added value of having the object connected is already questionable, if it becomes useless just because your connection went south… Or maybe I just stop following the @InternetOfShit on Twitter.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Anyway, here is a presentation from Bryan Lunduke I found today titled “The Internet Of Things Is Going To Destroy Us All”. This is of course a funny one as always with Bryan Lunduke, but it also raises quite some interesting questions about what we are doing and where we are going with IoT.