As is not yet tradition, I will try to publish a quarterly plan of what I’d like to look at, try, and so on. This is mainly a personal thing to help keep track of what I was trying to achieve and what is my current advancement status.

I’m not yet really sure of what the form of this report will be. I imagine some kind of retrospective on the previous one and some actions for the next quarter? I’m not yet sure of how detailed it should be, but hey, I guess we will discover all of that together by practicing. For now I’ll treat this as a backlog of ideas to take on.

So, here we go for the first one ever Quarter plan.


  • A quarter plan (let’s start with a quick win!)
  • A blog post on my first ever contribution to OpenStreetMap (don’t get your hopes high, it was a really really tiny thing)
  • Continuing the CivicTech meetups by Les Bricodeurs
  • Refactoring of all the Ansible playbooks to deal with my server
  • A blog post about the naming conventions of Booleans
  • Contributing checkboxes to Vikunja for the online editor
  • Getting to prototype a public share anonymous calendar app

That is already a lot of things and to be frank I don’t think I’ll get to treat all of this, but let’s see where this is leading us.